BlissFire Sponsored Blogs Program

At BlissFire Media, we’re all about paying it forward, and we know that by doing so, we also benefit ourselves and our business. That’s why we are launching our Blog & Website Sponsorship Program.

In some cases, BlissFire Media will sponsor individual blogs and websites, whether they are existing blogs and websites that join the BlissFire Media Network or they are developed within the network with the help of the founding editor of the site or blog.

As part of the network, the blogger is treated to a premium domain and website free-of-charge and receives a portion of proceeds made from advertisements and other monetization of his or her BlissFire Media Network blog.

Through our Blog Sponsorship Program, our team will identify and sponsor high-quality bloggers by paying for hosting and URL, as well as creating a template and helping to market their blogs. We also manage advertising and customer service, and bloggers earn based on performance. No cost to the blogger is required. If you’re interested in the blog sponsorship program, reach out to BlissFire Media’s founding editor, Angela Atkinson, at

Bonus: Sponsored Blogs Get Top Priority for Blogger/Advertiser Matchups—Consider us your business match-makers. We’ll connect top-notch bloggers with advertisers who want sponsored posts, on-site ads or social media ads.