is now AngelaAtkinson.meI’ve owned since 2005 and have always used it as my primary business and portfolio site. Recently, someone or some thing decided that it would begin attacking my domain repeatedly, causing all of my sites (at least those with this particular web host) to be taken down, over and over again.

It was costing me money, time and peace.

Today, my favorite web guy suggested that I get this domain––and use it in the meantime while we figure out how to fix the hacker.

So, here I am!

He tells me the issue is a DDOS, or distributed denial of service attack. I’m going to look into this and find out more–and we’ll be working on fixing the old .com and getting it up and running again–but until then, you’ll find me right here–at

Excuse the excessive comment security–you can’t be too careful.

I’ll be back with some big career updates soon.

Until then, check out my current project, right here. It’s called Project Blissful and it’s all about living your best possible life and being the best possible version of yourself.

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