Blogger Benefits and Responsibilities

As a BlissFire Media Featured Blogger, we ask that you:

  1. Read, understand and commit to upholding our founding principles when working on any site with which we’re affiliated.
  2. Become the “face” of your assigned blog. Be comfortable sharing posts and talking about your topic with passion.
  3. Be comfortable with our promotion of your work to help increase your visibility.
  4. Provide 1 or more original, niche-related posts per week and post to your assigned blog.
  5. Help promote the posts you post on the blog via your own social media networks and our Facebook page.
  6. When you can, respond to comments made by readers on your posts.
  7. Offer your input, thoughts, and ideas on the future development of your site and/or related products.
  8. Consider building courses, writing ebooks and developing products. We’ll help you promote them and you’ll receive commission payments when they sell.
  9. Work independently to develop and maintain your audience, content, and concepts. However, reach out to our editorial team for assistance and ideas as needed.

Your benefits would include:

  1. A free membership to Life Makeover Academy’s Empath Entrepreneur Mastermind Program for as long as you work with us.
  2. Support and premium services not normally available to an independent blogger, especially one who is new to the game. This includes access to our editorial team and a suite of premium plugins, as well as a professionally built and developed website and brand. Plus: the inclusion and promotion of your work in our extensive, well-developed networks.
  3. Personal mentoring from Angie Atkinson and her team to help you learn the ropes and learn to make your blog work for you.
  4. A full page on the BlissFireMedia site that will feature your bio and any other information you’d like to share, including photos, writing samples and other portfolio items. You may also include affiliate links, links to your own sites and ad code on your page as you like.
  5. 50% of all additional profit, including advertising and/or affiliate income made through your blog.
  6. A free personal WordPress website ( or whatever you like) with free hosting on our servers. We will even help set up the design/template for you, as well as offering advice and assistance in helping to build and manage the site.
  7. Assistance in promoting your posts on our site and your own sites (if you like) through our large, well-developed networks.
  8. We’ll cover your expenses, including paying for hosting and URL, as well as creating a template and helping to market your blogs. We also manage advertising and customer service, and bloggers earn based on performance. No cost to the blogger is required.


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