Blog Syndication

If you’re interested in working with us on one of our niche sites, but you already have a blog on your preferred topic, perhaps you’d be interested in syndication with BlissFireMedia. That means that we would re-publish all or part of your original blog posts on a related BlissFireMedia site. This would be shared with our extensive networks and promoted like any other BlissFireMedia site.

Things to Know About Syndication:

  • It offers better, more effective SEO for your existing blog.  Your syndicated content will be automatically labeled with the content source, including a link back to your blog. Plus, any “internal links” in your post will remain intact during syndication – which means that when someone clicks through to your referenced post, they’ll click through to your blog.
  • You won’t need to worry about getting dinged by Google or any other search engine for “duplicate content,” or content that also appears both on your blog and other places in the network. Search engines won’t penalize you because the RSS feed will inform the search engines of where the original content came from.
  • The syndication process will be automatic.  Once you sign with BlissFireMedia, your posts are automatically added to our publishing que whenever you post them on your own blog.  We will categorize, tag and schedule them.  You no longer need to worry about selecting/adding categories or tags – we’ll take care of all of that!  Just set it and forget it.

Original Content Options:

  • Blog Content: We invite all syndicated bloggers to post original content on your assigned site, as well as to guest post on any other BlissFireMedia site.
  • Books & eBooks Publication: BlissFireMedia’s editorial team will prioritize any manuscript you submit for book or ebook publication.
  • Courses & Classes: Syndicated bloggers are also invited to submit free and paid courses to Life Makeover Academy, for which they will receive both free promotion and commission for every sale.

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