You’re an educated professional who already knows how to write, am I right? And, you figure, why waste your money on a freelancer when you can just write your copy, articles, brochures and other business related items yourself?

Here are a few reasons you might want to reconsider that position.

You’re Busy

While you may be perfectly capable of writing copy, editing and doing your own layouts, your time is valuable. Hiring a freelancer will give you the chance to focus on other, possibly more urgent issues within your business or personal life.

A freelancer can give your project her full attention until it’s done to your satisfaction. No muss, no fuss.

You Want to Save Money

Freelance writers aren’t employees–so you don’t have to worry about handling taxes, benefits, paying hourly wages or other regular employee issues. For example, you pay your employees for breaks and lunches, and maybe even that few minutes a day they check personal emails or surf the web. You don’t pay for a freelance writer’s downtime as you would with regular employees. You only pay for the work you need, project by project–no strings attached.

You Want to Be Satisfied

A freelance writer is also a business owner–and she’s her own product. That means that she is committed to customer satisfaction–your satisfaction. Customer service is a top priority for a freelancer, and freelancers don’t quit until the customer is satisfied.

You Want to Be Seen

Many freelance writers today, including yours truly, are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and experts. Hire a freelancer to write your website content or other publicity materials and help you market your company. It might just give you that little extra boost you need to help your company reach the next level.

You Want to Be Connected

Freelance writers today are among the most connected people in the world. In addition to providing you with tightly written, clear and direct copy, a freelance writer can offer your company her social networking expertise.

You Want Dependability

When a freelance writer accepts an assignment from you, it becomes her first priority. She will deliver your project on time and to your specifications. Plus, a freelance writer isn’t limited to regular working hours–and you don’t have to pay overtime.

You Want Flexibility

A freelance writer is objective and open to your requests. Since commercial projects are often fluid and ever changing, the freelancer is a perfect choice since she can work as much or as little as you need–and you only pay for the work completed.

You Want Your Employees to Do Their Jobs

Sure, your favorite customer service rep is a decent writer. Still, if he’s writing your copy, who is taking care of your customers? Let your in-house employees focus on the jobs you hired them for and hire a professional freelance writer for your advertising and writing projects.

You Want it Done Right

Freelance writers know the mechanics of writing. You won’t find yourself cringing at a dangling participle or excessive apostrophes when you look at a finished project. Freelancers don’t just rely on the unpredictable Word editor. Your projects are completed to the highest standards. No more misplaced commas or incorrectly used homonyms for you–just quality writing done to your specifications.

Are you ready to hire an experienced professional freelance writer? Contact me with the details of your project for a free quote.

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