What We Believe

Our Founding Principles

BlissFire Media was founded on one primary principle: the idea of “paying it forward;” that is, to put good into the world and help as many people as possible learn to help themselves to create better lives.

BlissFire Media only publishes content, books, ebooks and ezines, blogs, videos, podcasts and websites that aim to help make life better in some way–whether it’s personally, spiritually, physically, financially, professionally or otherwise.

That’s right, we’re selective with the kinds of messages we support.


Why are we so picky? During BlissFire Media’s founder Angela Atkinson’s freelance career, she worked with clients from across the spectrum. There were those who became lifelong friends, and there were those who didn’t. Some caused a bit (to say the least) of stress, while others were a joy to work with.

Atkinson realized that the clients she most enjoyed working with were those who believed in what they were doing and who were passionate about their professional or business goals. Those people who genuinely wanted to make the world a better place while they made a living–those who seemed to bring a little bit of light everywhere they went–they were the ones.

Synergy is everything

Look at it this way. If you’re selling survival kits for preppers, you probably wouldn’t want to work with a company that publicly denounced your beliefs and ideas. Or if you’re a plus-sized model, you might not want to sign up with a company that also has an anti-BBW forum running in the publication in which you’re going to be featured.

But if you’re focused on making the world a better place, maybe you’ll prefer to sign with a company like ours–one that genuinely intends to help you to spread your message as far and wide as possible. When it’s right, it’s right–you’ll just know it. You FEEL it. And it never feels like work–it feels like synergy.

Are You One of Us? At BlissFire Media, we select our partners based on several factors. First, we look at the intention of the publication. If the idea is to help the consumer or reader in some way, then we proceed. If the idea is to bully, hurt, shame or otherwise promote hate, we are OUT. We don’t want that kind of energy clouding up ours. Assuming the basic intention is on-point, we’re all set.

While we’re not interested in publishing hate material, pornography or anything that promotes physical or mental abuse, we can and do publish material that can help to improve our readers’ and viewers’ lives in some way, including those who are working to improve their lives and to heal from such negativity. We also host news-focused websites, even though we understand that news can sometimes involve negativity.

But news, in general, is not negative–it’s important to stay informed. If you’re wondering why we think we have the right to be so picky, it’s because we know that sending our intention out into the Universe will help us to bring together the right team of people and companies to ensure that BlissFire Media and all of its clients are successful and profitable in their efforts.

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