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We Build WebsitesAt BlissFire Media, our entire livelihood depends on websites, so we fully understand and embrace the science of creating user-friendly, search engine optimized sites that are easy to manage and highly beneficial to your bottom line.

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Blog Sponsorship Program—Identify and sponsor high-quality bloggers by paying for hosting and URL, as well as creating a template and helping to market their blogs. The company also manages advertising and customer service, and bloggers earn based on performance. No cost to the blogger is required.

Genuine Niche Websites and Blogs—Build and manage interactive websites with niche-specific topic focuses. Each site editor is an expert in the niche, so niche sites are organically published.

Blogger/Advertiser Matchups—Connecting top-notch bloggers with advertisers who want sponsored posts, on-site ads or social media ads.

eBook Publisher—Identify and sponsor quality eBooks that are within the company’s scope of expertise.

Online Marketing & Image Management—Manage small-to-mid-sized companies’ online presence, from creating it from the bottom up to building on an existing presence.

  • Social Media Marketing—Create and/or interact naturally with clients’ social networks on their behalf to market their business or product, and share their news with BlissFire Media’s networks.
  • Blogging—Build and/or manage client blogs, including writing, editing and directly posting individual posts on a pre-determined schedule, optimizing and redesigning client websites and using social media and other online tactics to market blogs.

Content Providers and Marketers—Write, edit and submit original content as needed and on the client’s schedule. Native English-speaking writers only.

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