Innovative new personal development website offers daily “Bliss Missions”, free material and downloads to help users create the lives of their dreams

Project BlissfulSt. Louis, MO—January 2, 2013—As the New Year begins, many people are making New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, studies show that most resolutions are defunct by the end of January.

If you’re looking for real and lasting positive change in your life and don’t know where to start, a new website may offer just the solution you need. Project Blissful, an open, ongoing life-improvement project that offers bite-sized missions that really work to improve your life, launched Jan. 1, 2013.

Created, written and curated by writer and editor Angela Atkinson, Project Blissful not only chronicles Atkinson’s own journey to personal bliss, but also offers members the opportunity to use her process—and for now, members can access all of the material on the site totally free.

“The combined energies of our members, along with a simple-to-follow plan and painless programming for success, offers a level of support and rate of success that could be unprecedented,” Atkinson says. “It all starts with you and your own perceptions—and change doesn’t have to be painful.”

Atkinson also authored an award-winning personal development blog called In Pursuit of Fulfillment from 2005 to 2012. After hackers destroyed the site, Atkinson decided it was time for an evolution. That’s when she created Project Blissful.

The debut of the new blog features a wealth of original material, including free weekly downloads, daily Bliss Missions, bi-weekly Fit Missions, a Bliss Shop and so much more.

Additional features and services are being added as the site continues to grow and develop, including regular original videos, a personal development directory, forums, groups and more. Those who subscribe before January 31 will be treated to free beta-memberships when the paid membership becomes available.

“My process is so simple that I wish I’d have tried it years ago,” Atkinson adds. “With Project Blissful, I’m sharing it, step-by-step, in the hope that I can save our members that time and help them get on the road to success immediately. “

Several columnists, names to be announced in the coming weeks, are slated to appear as regulars on Project Blissful, and guest bloggers are also welcomed. If you’re interested in guest blogging or appearing as a regular columnist, contact Angela Atkinson at

About Project Blissful

Project Blissful is a movement toward whole-life healing, growth and improvement. It’s more than a movement–it’s a real whole-life project that anyone can join and participate in at anytime. Regardless of your age, sex, race, weight, nationality or financial situation, you can begin to effect change throughout your whole life by taking some very simple steps. For more information about Project Blissful, visit, or follow Project Blissful on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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