Updated 2/11/12: The WM Freelance Writers Connection now has a freelance writing jobs board that is updated daily. Check it out, right here.
You know how time-consuming it can be to sift through hundreds of freelance writing job listings?  Every freelancer has spent his or her fair share of time trolling job boards, and I don’t know many who wouldn’t mind using that time for something more productive.
As with our daily blog posts and our recently released free ebook, The WM Freelance Writers Connection is once again paying it forward with the launch of a new weekly column: Writer’s Aid: Freelance Writing Job Openings

We’re all about lending a helping hand to our fellow writers, so the next logical step in our development was to start posting paying freelance writing jobs.
That’s why starting today, we’ll post several new freelance writing job opportunities from around the U.S. every Monday in our new column.
One more thing: This service is free for all of our readers–and subscribers get the job listings sent directly to their email in boxes.

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