The past several weeks have been eventful, stressful, exciting and perception-changing, to say the least. But mostly in a good way—even challenges serve their purposes in our personal growth, don’t they? I think so.

Yep, I’m back for another career update.

ODesk Update

I’ll start with the ODesk identity theft issue. It’s essentially been resolved, in that the profiles have been removed. Once that was done, I received very little communication from the company. I’m sure they are concerned with their image—but I have to say, while I wasn’t happy that it happened, I was happy that they resolved it in a reasonable amount of time.

So that’s that. I still plan to write about how to avoid such scams, but haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule yet. Keep an eye out at The WM Freelance Writers Connection for updates on this one.

As for my work with Patch, I’ve been busy with my reporting and social media miner responsibilities, and have recently started to help support Patch bloggers from behind the scene.  I’m enjoying this and it works well with my experience managing bloggers within the WM Network.

My colleague Lindsay Toler and I were both hired for the same position in different regions in the STL area, but as we grow with the company, our jobs are evolving differently. I think this is a really great thing, because it allows Lindsay to focus on areas that she enjoys and excels in, and it offers the same benefits to me. We’re different people with different strengths, and that’s actually a very good thing.

Scrubs & Suits

Scrubs & Suits is moving along at a wonderful pace, and we’re preparing for an upcoming announcement that will help the S&S community unite even further and more directly. Very exciting stuff coming very soon, so stay tuned.

The WM Network

While our plans have been delayed, they haven’t been forgotten. We’re in development for two new sites, both of which will drastically and positively change the face of the network. The new sites will not only be more user-friendly and valuable, but they’ll also help us expand our services and offerings.

My partner, Alyssa Ast, and I are very excited as we (slowly but surely) work toward launching the  new sites and making our announcements.

Where I’ve Been

Here’s a little sampler platter of some of my published work since my last update.

I’ve been working on a series of farmers’ market vendor profiles for

And I’ve been doing some fun conversation starters, such as these.

Of course, there are always the standard roundups, columns and weekly features—such as these.

Over at The WM Freelance Writers Connection, I’ve been a little bit absent, but have still found time for the occasional necessary post, like the recent notice about the update/clarification on our writers’ guidelines due to the Penguin update.

At Scrubs & Suits, I’ve written a few new blog posts as well as several news articles and briefs.

OH! And I almost forgot to mention: one of my recent Patch articles found its way into a Missouri Senate news roundup. So that was cool.

On a personal note, the family has been keeping me busy, between camping trips, baseball games, scouts, dance and more. Hey, we were even featured in a photo on the Cardinals website–and got to see the St. Louis Superman in person. Fun stuff.

Bottom line: it’s officially summer, and it’s crazy busy. But would I have it any other way? Definitely not. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be back next time with more updates.

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