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Introducing Holistic Healer Agatha Repice

BlissFire Media is proud to announce a new partnership with holistic healer, Agatha Repice. She is licensed and certified in massage and bodywork therapy and board certified by AADP in Nutritional Consultation. Agatha has owned and operated Clean Clear Body since 2006. She’s also a board-certified nutritional consultant and has her New Jersey state license in massage and bodywork therapy, as well as acupressure and cupping. Agatha is joining our blogging team at QueenBeeing.com to share her holistic healing expertise with our readers. Continue Reading →

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Get Your Body, Mind and Soul Straight Before the Holidays – It’s FREE

You know how sometimes your smartphone or laptop gets all laggy and draggy? And then it takes like 17 times as long for the dang thing to function. And you feel like throwing it across the room, but you don’t usually because you aren’t totally careless with money. After this goes on for a minute or two, what do you do? Probably, you restart the phone or computer and assuming all else is well, the thing inexplicably starts working right again. Continue Reading →

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