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BlissFire Media is an ever-evolving digital news, media and publishing agency that brings news, insight and entertainment to users across the entire digital spectrum.

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BlissFireMedia is home to writers, bloggers, coaches, videographers, vloggers, podcasters and more – all focused around some aspect of making your life better! Want to collaborate on a project or discuss a mutually agreeable partnership? Reach out to us. Let’s talk!



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Our team is highly trained to support our readers, viewers, listeners and clients – and we really do want to help you make your life better in so many ways. Each part of our digital media, books and coaching material is designed, in one way or another, to help you do exactly that.

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Professional Coaching

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BlissFireMedia is committed to bringing you helpful, entertaining and life-changing information, one publication at a time. It is our intention to spread light, love and happiness throughout the world – and to help to do this by helping one person at a time.

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Guess who’s on Periscope?

That's right, it's BlissFire Media's CEO Angela Atkinson! She's committed to be on cam for 30 days this month, so make sure you catch her scopes. She's sharing all of her secrets about how to build, manage and grow a small business website that helps you to earn real...

Small Business Success: 7 Key Elements of a Website That Converts

While an active online presence is key for any small business to grow its success these days, many owners and managers find themselves overwhelmed when they begin the process of building a strong online brand and reputation. After all, in addition to your regular...

Would Your Business Benefit From a Newsletter?

Do you need a newsletter? A newsletter is different from a standard advertisement email or mailer in that it offers up-to-the-minute content which is of interest to your target demographic. But what do you need to include in a newsletter? What should you be thinking...

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