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Make More Money Online: Top 5 Blog-Hacks from OWP

From Online Writing Pro this week – three posts that will help you make more money with your blog. Hack Your Blog: How to Keep Your Subscribers Coming Back
So, you know how we’ve been talking about setting your blog on fire, right? And how we’ve discussed the whole “how to create a profitable mailing list” thing? What about the whole “growing your social media and real life networks” stuff? The Ultimate Guide to Strategically Using Social Networks to Drive Subscribers to Your Blog
Many bloggers fail to realize how important it is to be actively engaging in social media if they hope to be successful. Continue Reading →

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Make More Money Online: 30 DIY Ways to Get More People to Your Website

Want to be seen? Have something to sell? Want to do it online? Try these tried and true ideas that will help you to take your online marketing efforts to the next level. Include the reprint/reproduction rights with your digital giveaway product (e-book, tipsheet, etc.) This increases the perceived value because people can start a business and make money. Continue Reading →

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