After having my sites attacked by spam bots, I had a problem. Google thought my sites were malicious and had blacklisted me. I got together with my web host/tech guru, who helped me by essentially gutting the sites and allowing me to start over from the bottom up, but since I didn’t want to lose my content, there was an additional concern.

It seemed that, at least on some of the sites, I had thousands of already-approved spam comments, and they were causing issues with my hosting service. If you have WordPress, you know that the standard issue CMS doesn’t allow for bulk deletion of already-approved comments. What a huge pain!

Anyway, after much research and many hours of stressing, I figured it out! There’s a simple way to delete all spam comments in WordPress instantly–and almost anyone can do it.

Here’s what I found out.

How to Delete All Spam Comments in WordPress With a Few Simple Clicks

  1. Download and activate the Portable MyPHPAdmin plugin.
  2. Navigate to the plugin’s interface in your WordPress dashboard. (It’ll be on the left, below the “settings” button).
  3. Using the drop-down menu in the interface, select your database.
  4. Select “comments” in the left-side menu, then select “empty.”

That’s it! Once you’ve completed those steps (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes total), you can check your comment list and you’ll see that they’re all deleted.

Happy Blogging!



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