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A newsletter is different from a standard advertisement email or mailer in that it offers up-to-the-minute content which is of interest to your target demographic.

But what do you need to include in a newsletter? What should you be thinking about?

Offer Value, Make Your Customers More Loyal

While your company’s newsletter can (and should) promote your product or services, it should also contain related articles and resources that will keep your customers reading.

Decide How Often to Publish Your Newsletter

Depending on the nature and size of your company, you can publish and distribute newsletters weekly, bimonthly or quarterly. Printing costs can be reduced by printing in black and white or even eliminated by creating an e-newsletter instead.

Different Types of Newsletters

There are two primary types of newsletters–interoffice and external.

  • Interoffice newsletters are directed at the employees of a (usually) larger corporation. They may feature the latest policies and procedures, special company promotions and announcements, and any other relevant company-wide insider information.
  • External newsletters are directed at your clients (and potential clients). They’re generally more formal than interoffice newsletters, and are a great way to help you gain (and retain) customers. External newsletters feature press releases, coupons or discount news, information on your services and how they can best assist your customers, and tips about your service or product (or the related topic area.)  They may also feature lifestyle articles directed at your target demographic–for example, if your business sells knitting needles and yarn, you might include an article about the therapeutic benefits of knitting.

In either case, it’s important to avoid going overboard–remember, it’s a newsletter, not a magazine. Your customers should be able to read the entire thing in a single sitting.

So, do you need a newsletter?

If you want to retain and grow your customer base, you need a newsletter. If you want to take your sales, traffic or engagement levels to the next level, you need a newsletter–and all that goes with it.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with a newsletter? Contact us to discuss your project or obtain a quote.


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