BlissFireMedia Brands Bloggers Program

BlissFireMedia features a network of blogs and websites on various niche topics. We are currently seeking to partner with bloggers and aspiring bloggers on several projects. 
Is blogging with BlissFireMedia right for you? Do us a favor. Ask yourself three questions.
  1. Are you passionate about a particular topic?
  2. Do you really care about something so much that you feel like you want to tell the whole world?
  3. Do you have a unique perspective or important advice you just have to share?

Did you answer yes to at least one of those questions? If so, you’re in the right place.


BlissFireMedia is proud to invite you to apply to become a Featured Blogger.

We are currently seeking bloggers on the following topics, but please note: we’re also accepting queries and pitches on other topics. Already a blogger and just want some extra attention on your site? Consider syndicating with us. 

  • Parenting & Family
  • Niche-Specific DIY/How-To
  • Niche-Specific Self Help
  • Niche-Specific Lifestyle
  • Video & YouTube Tech
  • Video Games/Gaming
  • Coffee & Culture
  • Lightworker/Empath
  • Niche Fashion (Plus Size, Maternity, Short/Tall Girl, etc.)
  • Attractiveness, Sensuality, Charisma & Related Topics
  • Niche News (Business, Social Media, Celebrity, Headlines, etc)
  • Dating
  • Wedding
  • Survival/Prepper

As part of the network, you’ll be treated to several benefits, including but not limited to a premium domain and website free-of-charge. You’ll also receive a portion of proceeds made from advertisements and other monetization of your BlissFire Media Network blog. Plus, a whole bunch of other benefits.

See BlissFireMedia Featured Blogger Benefits Program

If you’re interested in the blog sponsorship program, reach out to BlissFire Media’s business manager, Melina, at

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