Get Your Body, Mind and Soul Straight Before the Holidays – It’s FREE

You know how sometimes your smartphone or laptop gets all laggy and draggy? And then it takes like 17 times as long for the dang thing to function. And you feel like throwing it across the room, but you don’t usually because you aren’t totally careless with money. After this goes on for a minute or two, what do you do? Probably, you restart the phone or computer and assuming all else is well, the thing inexplicably starts working right again. Continue Reading →

BlissFire Media Opens for Business

I’m pleased to announce that my business, BlissFire Media, officially opened today. Here’s the official press release. BlissFire Media, LLC
St. Louis, MO–BlissFire Media, based in St. Louis, MO, officially opened for business Thursday. Continue Reading →

How to Delete All Spam Comments in WordPress Instantly (Even When They’re Already Approved)

After having my sites attacked by spam bots, I had a problem. Google thought my sites were malicious and had blacklisted me. I got together with my web host/tech guru, who helped me by essentially gutting the sites and allowing me to start over from the bottom up, but since I didn’t want to lose my content, there was an additional concern. It seemed that, at least on some of the sites, I had thousands of already-approved spam comments, and they were causing issues with my hosting service. If you have WordPress, you know that the standard issue CMS doesn’t allow for bulk deletion of already-approved comments. Continue Reading →

Spend Less, Get More: 100 Different Types of Freelancers in Today’s Marketplace

Are you looking for a way to save money and get the job done right? Then you might consider hiring a freelancer or a contractor. What’s in it for you? All kinds of good stuff–but mostly, dedicated, focused professionals who believe that your business is as important as their own–and they stake their reputations on each job they accept. Read more: 9 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

Better yet, there are a large number of types of freelancers out there you can hire at a reasonable price (and without having to pay benefits or other typical employee costs). Continue Reading →